A La Carte Breakfast


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Breakfasts are served in pint jars. Please indicate which breakfast item you would like when you order. They will be delivered with your dinner, the night previous. So make sure you are intending to order these in addition to a dinner order.

  • Fruit Chia Pudding (coconut milk, agave, organic chia seeds, mango, pineapple, strawberry, OR raspberry*, topped with fresh fruit and nuts)
  • Classic Overnight Oats (almond milk, organic oats, berries, maple, nuts and seeds, vanilla)
  • Chia Oat Parfait (coconut milk, agave, organic chia seeds, almond extract, almond milk, organic oats, berries, walnuts)
  • Skillet Oats with Nuts (oats, maple, cinnamon, salt, vanilla, walnuts, pumpkin seeds)

*please indicate which chia fruit flavor you would like when ordering.


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