About Us

Nice to meet you! We are Scott and Nicky Freymond, the owners, cooks, recipe creators and deliverers of Tin Box Boise. Tin Box was born in 2018, out of our desire to eat healthy, plant-filled meals that tasted fresh and unique. We have a pretty specific way of eating: high carb low fat, and finding foods and meals that served those parameters was very challenging. We are mindful of our meals because of our love for animals, the earth and our bodies. 


Off an on, during Idaho’s cold winters, you can find us chasing the sun and running our other business, (www.ocasoavellanas.com), in Playa Avellanas, Costa Rica. 

We have many passions in life, some of them being meal planning, cooking, food prep, and of course, eating. Nutrition and deciding on what we put into our bodies is a very large priority for us, whether we are living in Idaho or Costa Rica or traveling here and there. We are strong believers in Hippocrates’s notion, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” What many people don’t realize is that he was referring to his own vegetarian diet and in this quote he was encouraging others to adopt a similar lifestyle. We are strict vegans, who love good food and experimentation. We research roots, nuts, spices, herbs, seeds, fruits and vegetables to find those that can better aid in the body’s digestion, healing, anti-aging, recovery, disease fighting abilities and overall wellness. We believe that every ingredient put into our bodies should be a conscious act of love and honor for ourselves and the beautiful world around us. While we acknowledge that we all have different ways of life and different ways of eating, we encourage you to open your heart and your mind to one (or two), plant based meals a week. You may be surprised how well your body and spirit respond.

Please let us know if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns. You can contact us here, send us a Facebook message, an Instagram message, an email at nicolelunstrum@hotmail.com or a direct text message. We will confirm all orders before delivery.