Lunch Delivery

Tin Box is a home-made, meal delivery and personal chef service, based in Boise, Idaho, specializing in multi-course, plant based lunches and dinners.

We encourage everyone to check the website, specifically the “weekly menus” tab, as we post macros and ingredients for the upcoming meals by Sunday, at the latest.

We deliver the meals personally, to your workplace in downtown Boise, in our beautiful tin tiffin boxes along with cutlery and a napkin. We will stop by later that afternoon to pick everything up, thus making things as easy for you as can be. Please have tiffins, napkins and cutlery set out and ready for us to grab, as we oftentimes have very busy days.

Want to place a lunch order?Β 

  • Check out the “Weekly Menus” tab to see what we’re cooking, and you can order straight from there. You can pay online using your credit or debit card, but we also accept payment upon delivery in the form of cash, check or Venmo. Lunches cost $12.
  • Not so tech savvy? Me neither. Feel free to email us through the “About Us” tab, send a text message or an Instagram message to place an order as well.
  • Our delivery zone for lunch is strictly downtown, North End, and Arbor CrossFit.

Do you prefer dinner?

  • We deliver dinners not in our tiffins, but instead in heat-safe glassware, so you can reheat any of the hot dishes. The dinner menu is the same as the lunch menus; the price is just slightly more, $15, as we give a bigger portion.
  • We will arrange a time with you the next day to pick up our dishes from you.
  • Our delivery zone for dinners is a bit broader. Please inquire if you live outside of the lunch delivery zone, and hopefully we can accommodate πŸ™‚

If you have any questions or food allergy concerns, please use the ‘About Us’ tab to drop us a note.